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Getting Started

Here is how you can upload a file on ArvanCloud Object Storage.

Step 1: Create an Account

Go to the Sign Up page to create your ArvanCloud account and access the Object Storage service.

Step 2: Create a Bucket

The uploaded files are placed in buckets. This is why you need to create a bucket before uploading any files. Go to the Object Storage section of your ArvanCloud user panel and click on Buckets.

If you don’t have a bucket set up already, you can create a new one here.

Next, enter the bucket name that needs to have at least three English characters. You cannot use a repeated name, and it must be unique. The name cannot have symbols such as period (.) or exclamation mark (!).

Activate the public access option to have all your bucket files available through the link without requiring authorization. If your bucket contains sensitive information, we recommend you deactivate the public access option for it.

Please note that you can always change the bucket’s access type through your user panel.

Finally, click Create to add your bucket.

Step 3: Upload Files

Go to your created bucket under the Buckets section to upload files. You can choose to upload files from local storage or a URL.

After selecting one of the methods and choosing the file, you will need to enter the name and decide on its access type. The access type here is only for the file and not for the bucket as a whole.

Finally, click on Upload to begin the process. You can access the files later from the buckets.