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January 8

  • Container Service / Panel

    • Added new design for .env files to upload instead of entering all key-values manually
    • Added new Billing page, show total price hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly
    • Add animation to floating button of quick access console
    • Quick access console events Split by app name
  • Container Service / Fixes

    • Fix removing disk in new app wizard
    • Fix rolling strategy for S2I app for new app
    • Fix restart single catalog
    • Fix Quick access console bugs

January 2

  • Accounts Settings / Security Activity History

    • In this version, it is possible to define resource groups and policies for resource groups.
      • Each user's access level can be managed with one or more policies.
      • For public access such as financial access, support or profile, policy can be defined and assigned to users at the workspace level.
      • The machine user can be defined and one or more keys can be generated for each machine user.
      • One or more policies can be assigned to each machine user.
  • CDN / API / V 4.82.0

    • Add removal mechanisms for moved domains and expired certificates
    • Notify customers when plan changes
    • Improve removal mechanism for pending domains and certificate orders

January 1

  • Video Platform / User Panel

    • Added Advanced Filter option to the video list for the following parameters:
      • Keyword in title and description
      • Video tags
      • Video duration
      • Video status
      • Video resolution
      • Dubbing and Subtitles
      • Sorting by title or publishing date
  • Video Platform / User Panel

    • Added Custom Domain Request Page for Live and VoD
  • CDN Panel / V 1.29.0

    • Redesigned cache setting page
    • Added cancel button and empty slot to domain transfer
    • Added help links to some pages



December 26

  • Cloud Server / Default images

    • Change default images for security considerations to set complex passwords.

      • From 31 Dec, users must set complex passwords for their new Instances.
  • Cloud Server / Added new resource

    • Added new resources to extend the Shahriar data center.

December 25

  • Object Storage / User Panel

    • Added shahriar region for all users in the panel

      • Users can store their objects in the Tabriz/Shahriar region and choose the plan for their needs.
    • Added empty the bucket feature

      • Users can use the empty the bucket feature to delete all the objects inside the bucket.
    • Added undo action

      • Users have the option to use the undo button a few seconds after deleting objects to avoid deleting objects by mistake.

December 21

  • CDN / API / V 4.81.0

    • Set Minumum Account Balance befor upgrade domains to higher plan(at least half price of targeted plan)

    • Change the time window of FUP(Fair Usage Policy) from the START OF MONTH to PAST 30 DAYS

    • Add pagination to Page Rule API

    • Removed the depricated fields : slice_size and slice_status , from Page Rule API

December 20

  • CDN / Proxy

    • Stop responding to request that recieved on Edge Server's Private IPs

December 19

  • Container Service / Panel

    • Added access-console to every page on panel for easier access to events and each applications log, console and monitoring

    • Added search and grep options on applications log tab and access-console log tab

    • Added job and cronjob lists to side menu

  • Container Service / Changes

    • User quotas are now presented in slider with progress bar for users to be notified

    • Improved operations component in applications list on dashboard

  • Container Service / Fixes

    • Fixed problem for rolling updates for apps without persistent volume in panel

    • Fixed overflow problem for fields in enviroment variable section

December 13

  • CDN / API / V 4.80.0

    • Automatically add CAA records when DnsSec is on for issuing certificates¬†

    • Add no-data status to troubleshooting

    • Add support for any transformer for firewall filter expressions

  • CDN / API / V 4.79.12

    • Change the deleted account policy. The user cannot activate the domain before 48 hours after deletion.

    • Config of suspended domain, will remove from edge servers.

    • The time period of suspending domains with negative account balance, was reduced from 7 days to 1 day.

  • CDN / Panel / V 1.17.0

    • Added upstream protocol selection for CNAME/ANAME DNS records.

    • Added the feature of transfer domain to another account.

    • Added the RuleID for Firewall/DDoS/RateLimit and WAF to panel.

December 7

  • CDN / API / V 4.79.6

    • Added FUP(Fair Use Policy) for domain traffic usage.

    • Domain that violate FUP, will be paused and their traffic will not pass the CDN edge servers. But the DNS service continue for them.

December 6

  • CDN / API / V 4.79.5

    • The domain delete process changed. User cannot add domain again immediately after deletion and must contact support for this.

December 5

  • CDN / API / V 4.79.0

    • Domain's config will not sync with edge servers until the NSs activate.

December 3

  • Video Platform / User Panel

    • Added Media Count for Channels list

      • Number of videos and audios for a channel is addeed to channel list


November 5

  • CDN / API / V 4.77.0

    • Add API for Layer 4 Proxy feature. This feature can proxy terrafic in Layer 4 with firewall, load balancing and monitoring capability.

    • Add is_known_bot filter to CDN Firewall

    • Add transoformers functions (to lowercase - to uppercase - ...) to firewall filter expressions

    • Add search for non english domains to panel

    • Old load balancer APIs deleted New Load Balancer APIs

November 2

  • Container Service / CLI

    • Added migration feature to arvan CLI

      • arvan paas region

      • arvan paas migrate

  • Video Platform / User Panel

    • Added Tags for videos

      • Users can set up to 10 tags on videos while uploading

      • Users can add or edit tags on a video in video edit page

November 1

  • Container Service / Panel / Configmap

    • Added validation to configmap file selection paths
  • Container Service / Panel / Applications / Application-detail

    • Added tooltip for new build button and rebuild commit

    • Disabled region change and project change while receiving data

  • Container Service / Fixes

    • Fixed problem of choosing a free domain and a personal domain at the same time while creating application

    • Fixed displaying a free domain in create application bug

    • Fixed displaying additional error for project name while creating project

    • Fixed auto scaling problem in applications created by S2I


October 29

  • Accounts Settings / Security Activity History

    • In this version, You can review the 90-day history of your account's security activities.If you see suspicious activity, change your login settings.

      • In this page you have access to information such as Activity Type, Time and Date.

      • In the details section, you can see the Country, Device type, OS and browser.

October 18

  • Accounts Settings / Security Settings

    • In this version, the possibility of MFA(Multi-Factor Authentication) has been provided by Authenticator applications.
    • All authenticator applications can be used
    • The secret code is provided to the user in both QR and text form

October 8

  • Container Service / Panel / Applications / Application-details / Build section

    • Features added to build section for s2i applications:

      • remove build

      • Retry build

      • Running build cancelation

  • Container Service / Panel

    • Added ip address list in panel

    • Reduced number of revision history to 3

  • Container Service / Fixes

    • Fixed caching zones in session storage problem

    • Fixed log display problem for builds without pod

    • Fixed problem of updating the url of applications with https

    • Fixed delete github/gitlab account issue

    • Fixed create application with S2I/git-url


September 26

  • Accounts Settings / Notifications Settings

    • In this version, a threshold is defined for receiving notifications related to approaching negative charge.

      • The default value for Iranian users is 50 thousand tomans

      • The default value for international users is 2 euros

      • The wallet threshold setting form is located in the settings section of the notification settings section

September 18

  • CDN / API / V 4.76.0

    • Add the capability to choose Captcha Provider for DDoS Protection between:

      • Google reCaptcha

      • hCaptcha

      • arCaptcha

    • Add the capibilty to customize DDoS Javascript and Captcha page. Domain Owners(Enterprise Users) Can custom theese pages with their branded design.

    • The Bypass and Challenge Option added to firewall action.

      • Bypass: the matched requests in firewall rule will not face the security check. user can disable security check(DDoS-RateLimit-WAF) for specific requests

      • Challenge: the matched requests in firewall rule will face the challenge: Cookie, Javascript, Challenge instead of Block/Allow actions

    • The Challenge(JavaScript-Cookie) Option added as action in RateLimit

  • Container Service / Panel / Create new application

    • Temporarily removed free-plan from asiatech for migration purposes.

September 7

  • Video Platform / User Admin Panel / VoD / Upload

    • Upload Redesign:
      • Ability to upload to different channels in a single upload page
      • Ability to start upload and save video at the same time, just after filling video info inputs
  • CDN / API / V4.75.0

    • Update The NS Check Algorithm to Handle Some Corner Cases

    • Update the Health Check Monitoring API to Get all UP/DOWN Reports API Doc

    • Fix Page Rule Custom Headers Validation

    • Two API for Log Forwarder Deprecated: logserver.update and logserver.get

    • New Set Of APIs Released for Log Forwarder Log-forwarder

September 6

  • Video Platform / User Admin Panel / Analytics / Video Overview

    • Add GeoReport Section To Single Video Report
  • Video Platform / Ads / Beta

    • Supporting ad-agencies added to Video Ads [FastClick-Tavoos Integration]
      • Choosing Ad provider instead of arvan ads for a video channel
      • Setting Ad category[ad content category] for a channel
      • New ads report : Clicks & Impressions per day, Used devices and browsers to watch ads and total revenuse

September 5

  • CDN / API / V 4.74.0

    • ACL (Access Control Level) added to CDN in this version, but still not available in panel until the Role/Permission release

    • Invalid DNS records (records with _ character ) get error when set proxy to ON

    • Increase the number of allowed IPs in WAF exception rules

  • CDN / Infrastructure

    • Add New PoP IPs to list

    • Added IPs :

      • Irancell PoP new range:

      • MCI PoP new range:

      • R1C PoP range updated to :

      • Mashhad PoP new range :

      • Shiraz PoP new range:

      • Isfahan PoP new range:

    • Deleted IPs :



August 29

  • CDN / Panel / V 1.23.0

    • Add the Load Balancer Monitoring Report to Load Balancer Page

      • View the Down/Up Log Reports of Active Health Check of Load Balancers

      • Search Based on Time, Server's IP and Manitoring Name

      • View the Status of Each Server in Load Balancer Panel

August 28

  • CDN / API / V 4.73.0

    • Register Subdomain as a different CDN panel moved to growth Plan

    • Validation bugs in : Load Balancer, S3 Endpoint in log forwarder, PTR Record, fixed

August 25

  • CDN / Panel / V 1.22.0

    • Add the ability for copy one domain's config to another one

    • Bug Fixes:

      • Fix the loggly destination address in log forwarding

      • Fix CNAME/ANAME record's Host Header name

      • Fix TLD Validation in domain registration wizard

      • Fix Panel Copy Writing

August 22

  • CDN / API / V 4.72

    • Update CDN Plan, Features Pricing

    • Update Panel configuration manager to merge the duplicate changed for each user to reduce the number of changed in edge servers

    • Delete not activated domain after 14 days

    • Fix the health check notification for load balancer

August 10

  • CDN / Panel / V 1.21.0

    • Domain Registeration Wizard improvement

      • Terms and conditions linked to origin address: Terms and Condition

      • Select Domain's Plan added to wizard

      • The CNAME Setup feature added to wizard

      • New DNS design added to wizard

    • Bug Fixes:

      • Troubleshooting module message fixed

      • Redirect setting validation fixed in page rules

August 3

  • Video Platform / User Admin Panel / Analytics / Per Video

    • Per Video Analytics Added to User Panel with:
      • Watch time, views and traffic for each video report
      • Date range picker for reports
      • The variety of devices and operators used by the user to watch a video
      • Video graph to show per chunck total views for each video


July 23

  • CDN / Panel / V 1.20.0

    • Add Troubleshooting Module to CDN Panel. You can do troubleshooting in Panel>CDN>domain>troubleshoots. Troutbleshooting module now can detect these issues:

      • Root DNS Record

      • DNS Record for www

      • MX Type DNS Record

      • HTTPS Redirection

      • Domain Activation Status

      • SSL Certification Status

      • Cloud Status

      • Domain Expiration Status

      • Origin SSL Port Status

    • Some UI Bugs fixed in DNS, LogForwarding, Custom pages


June 18

  • Video Platform / User Admin Panel / Analytics / Video Overview

    • Video Overview Analytics Added to User Panel with:
      • Watch time, views and traffic for vods
      • Date range picker for reports
      • Filters based on country, video channel, internet operator
      • Top videos based on watch time or view
      • Last successfully uploaded videos
      • The variety of devices and operators used by the user

June 11

  • Video Platform / User Admin Panel / Stream / Ads

    • Advertisement feature enabled for streams
      • Users can add advertisement (pre-roll) to streams with skip and clickable link ability


May 16

  • Video Platform / User Admin Panel / Dashboard

    • Add new Chart for:

      • Watch time reporting for live/vod past 7 days
      • Views reporting for live/vod past 7 days
      • Traffic reporting for live/vod past 7 days
    • Total info for:

      • watch time live/vod for past month
      • total view live/vod for past month
      • total traffic report live/vod for past month
      • total Storage Usage
      • total Videos duration
      • videos Count past month
      • live streams total duration past month
    • Chart for audios and videos status (failed/succeed/...)

May 15

  • Container Service / Panel

    • Redesign of domain tab
    • Redesign of dedicated ip address tab
    • Pause and restart has been added to containers
    • Redesign of scalability tab

May 11

  • Video Platform / User Admin Panel / Video Info

    • Add video process percentage in video info page


April 25

  • CloudServer / Panel

    • Add a backup feature that allows you to backup servers.
    • Add the Download feature that allows you to download your backups.
    • Add the ability to upload your backups to other cloud providers like AWS s3 and DigitalOcean Spaces.
    • Change the Snapshot design and add the ability to get a snapshot from your disks.
  • Object Storage / Panel

    • Ability to change CDN cache settings by users in the bucket operations section.
    • Users are able to view incomplete uploads and delete them from their bucket.
    • The bucket's custom domain settings were enabled in the Bucket Operations section of the Object Storage panel.

April 14

  • CDN / API

    • Add Capability to Select ECDSA or RSA certificate type in API : "certificate_key_type": "rsa" | "ec"
    • Enable New Advanced Firewall for new registered domains

April 9

  • CDN / Panel

    • Add CNAME Setup to Dashboard Panel

April 3

  • CDN / API

    • Remove the time limitation on downgrading plans
    • Added API for new logforwarder API Doc
    • Added Capability of copy configs from existing domain to new one API Doc
    • Filter DNS records based on DNS types
    • Turn off redirection SSL config when SSL status goes off automatically


March 9

  • CDN / Panel
    • Added New Firewall to Panel(by feature flag) Guide
    • Filter by Host and custom date added to reports(users, traffic, requests)
    • Support editing and deleting CAA and TLSA DNS records
    • Added more tips to health check monitoring form
    • Enable custom cache input regardless of set-cookie toggle value in Page-Rules

March 6

  • IaaS / Cloud Server

    • Ubuntu-20.04 and PfSense-CE images have been updated on Shahriar ( ir-tbz-dc1 ) and Simin ( ir-thr-c1 )


February 26

  • Video Platform /User Admin Panel

    Bug fixes including:

    • Fixed uploading videos using Aparat links issues
    • Fixed errors while uploading large video files
    • Fixed issues in setting different output resolution for videos in upload process

February 25

  • Video Platform / Analytics Api

    Added reports to analytics api containing:

    • video play count report
    • live traffic report
    • live watch time report
    • live play count report

    Added new filter features to analytics reports containing:

    • played resolutions
    • client type (mobile app / browser / ...)
    • client browser
    • device type (desktop / smartphone / ...)
    • device brand (apple / sumsung / ...)
    • device model
    • segment index (chunk number)

February 13

  • CDN / API CNAME Setup ability added to API documentation. With thid ability users with enterprise account can transfer their controlled subdomains traffic to CDN with an unique CNAME record and obtain free HTTPS certificate with http validation:

    • Added CNAME Setup flow for domain with subdomain format API
    • Added an API for converting domains to use CNAME Setup API
    • Added the ability to use a custom address for CNAME Record for a user Set Custom Name and Reset Custom Name
    • Added the ability to get certificates with HTTP-01 challenge
    • Update change domain status email notification templates based on CNAME Setup changes
  • CDN / API Improvements:

    • Improve error handling in certificate jobs
    • Remove all acme-challenge records (including not protected ones) before setting DNS-01 challenge

February 8

  • Container Service / Panel / Fixed auto scaling bug.

February 2

  • Container Service / CLI / Fixed an issue in new-app command.


January 31

  • Container Service / Panel / Added Tech detect in S2I new app wizard.

January 29

  • CDN / Panel / Active Health Check:

    • Added remove monitoring to Active Health Check panel
    • Added off status for Active Health Check in cluster section
    • Added last modification data to Active Health Check panel
  • CDN / Panel / CDN APPs:

    • Added support for like/dislike button
    • Added detailed to CDN APPs information page(suuport email, developer, slider for feature pictures, ...)

January 25

  • Video Platform / Analytics

    • Added VOD analytics (Api) containing:
      • Watch time report
      • Traffic usage report
    • report can get filtered by: country, channel, referrer, video report can get sorted or aggregated

January 22

  • Container Service / Panel
    • Added PVC support multiple mountpath.
    • Added PVC suport detach and attach.
    • Added domain select from Arvan CDN.
    • Added set container port in new app wizard.
    • Fixed create new app from official docker bug.

January 16

  • CDN / API

    • Added and to whitelist when users with CDN basic plan change host header for their ANAME/CNAME DNS records
    • Added support for filter DNS records based on DNS records type (A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, ...) API
  • CDN / API Minor Changes :

    • Added validation for TLSA certificate value
    • Added validation for forwarded-host-header, headers and path in health-check
    • Removed follow redirect from health check configs due to security issues.

January 10

  • CDN / API - Added support for add / update / delete removeTLSA/CAA DNS record through API for CDN/DNS users

  • CDN / API - Added an API for get CDN App installation status API

January 6

  • Video Platform / Player

    • Compatibility with various frameworks such as Vue and React added.

January 4

  • Object Storage / ArvanCloud WordPress plugin launched. Features include automatic backup from the content uploaded in the WordPress library and media.

January 1

  • Middleware / Identity & Access Management

  • Video Platform / User Panel

    • Added multiple upload ability
    • Updated panel UI
    • Removed search box
    • Updated live Streaming creation steps
    • Updated video upload steps



December 29

  • Video Platform / Player

    • Added new items to config:
      • Preload: Users can now choose whether the metadata or the first frames in the background should be downloaded, using the preload mode.
      • controlBarAutoHide: Users can now choose if the ControlBar should hide after a few seconds.
      • Scale: Player can be scaled without any dependency to the page parameters such as font-size and zoom lvl.
    • More validations to config inputs added to prevent XSS attacks.
    • Max length to config inputs added.
    • Changed functions from innerHTML to innerText.
    • Mouse hover added to the Play button before starting to play.
    • Scaled the Play button both in length and width based on the page in which the player is loaded.

December 16

  • Container Service / Panel / Added command and arguments in wizards.

December 7

  • Support / panel

    • Upload limit increased to 25MB.
    • Added Financial Department to the list of departments.
    • Choosing request type after selecting Financial Department.
    • Uploading file sets can be stopped.

December 4


November 29 

  • CDN / PoP (point of presents) sites / Updated ArvanCloud‚Äôs IP list. Please whitelist¬†the following IP addresses in your CDN settings.
    • Stockholm:
    • Milan:

November 24

  • CDN / API / Added admin APIs for SSL module.

November 23

November 17

  • CDN / API
    • Added batch actions on domains based on user id via admin API.
    • Added new rate limit configs (allowed method and block duration).

November 14

  • Container Service / Panel / added free plan to the Container Service service.

November 10

  • CDN / API

    • Added preflight settings to DDoS configs.
    • Added verify SNI to firewall API.
    • Added reports APIs for health-check.
    • Perform schema test when update and create health-check.
    • Added no-data status to health check monitoring.
    • Added blacklisted TLDs for domain registration.
  • CDN / Panel

    • Added New design of active health check feature.
    • Support 15 minutes in caching time.
    • Added original weight hint for clusters.

November 9

November 8

  • Object Storage / Panel / Added static website landing to explain its functions.

November 6

  • Cloud Server / infrastructure / Inaugurated the Forough Data Center. The new generation of ArvanCloud‚Äôs cloud servers are now accessible with more features and higher stability.
    • Changing the architecture of data center network infrastructure and using equipment with higher capacity and stability.
    • Local disk feature is available for specific uses like databases.
    • Users can create instances with different disks.
    • Added a new step for disk on instance wizard.
    • Facilitated snapshot.
    • Users can Back up, download and protect instaces when hardware problems occure.
    • Improved disk performance.
    • Significantly increased troubleshooting speed.


October 31 

  • Cloud Server / Panel /¬†Added Init Script feature to create server steps.
  • Cloud Server / Panel /¬†Changed Snapshot design and functionality for new regions.¬†
  • CDN / API
    • API Added for the advanced firewall to block suspicious requests based on HTTP protocol parameters: Method, Headers, ... and support for write filters based on Wireshark filters guide (Wireshark Filter Guide).
    • Add support for search domain root (@) in DNS records.
    • Add support for Persian language DNS records.
    • Add support for search based on the host (subdomain) in CDN reports for Growth and Higher Plan domains.

October 9

  • Video Platform / Player / A new version of the ArvanCloud video player has been released. New features of ArvanCloud player:
    • NEW Theme
    • Improve compatibility with touch screens and mobiles.
    • Supporting of new ratio aspects.
    • Ability to scale the player.
    • Access to change player configurations such as color and language.
    • Added button: tap to unmute
    • Added shortcut
    • Added Persian and English tooltips.

October 6

October 2

  • Cloud Server / Panel / Added Local storage to ArvanCloud server product.

October ‚Äć1¬†

  • Cloud Server / Panel / migrate a server from one region to another¬†feature¬†to panel.


September 28

September 22

  • Object Storage / API / Added GO and .NET to ArvanCloud SDK.

September 18

  • Cloud Server / Panel / Added extra public IP to server feature to panel.
  • Cloud Server / Panel / Added possibility to add multiple networks to a server in create server steps.
  • Cloud Server / API / Added many error handlings for API different parts.

September 16

  • Container Service / Panel
    • Added S2I code rebuild.
    • Added gitlab and github integration.
    • Added gitlab and github auto deploy by git commit.

September 15

  • Middleware/ Financial Services / Implemented digital team's campaign manager for the fall campaign.

September 12

  • Middleware / Financial Services / Supported multiple simultaneous payment gateways.

September 11

  • CDN / API
    • Cache TTL policy fixed where it did not handle 0s TTL (e.g., disabled) properly and caused minimum plan error Changed.
    • SSL API can now store multiple custom certificates.
    • All domain initialization operations are now handled by Domain Initializer Service Added.
    • A manual RETRY API for failed ArvanCloud certificate orders.
    • A DELETE API for custom certificates.
    • Change default NS keys of the user via admin API.
    • Active Health-check APIs and callback processing.
    • cache tag attribute to Cache Module config payload.
    • Reset domain NS to new user's NS when ownership changes.
    • Introducing domain: copy command.
    • An API for retrieving health check zones.
    • Show CDN plans and features ‚Äúprices based on users‚ÄĚ currency.
    • Cache with multiple cookies to the Proxy config Removed.

September 9

  • Middleware / Financial Services / Added gift code group to receipt service.
  • ‚ÄćCloud storage / Panel / Added pagination possibility.

September 4

  • Cloud Server / Panel
    • Added Hard Reboot for servers.
    • Added possibility to add multiple DHCP ranges for networks.
    • Released network page with a new design including float IPs, private networks and, public network.


August 25

  • Middleware / Identity & Access Management / Development of the Guard service.

  • CDN / CDN panel / Added Upstream Timeout in page rules. Now is available in the Professional plan and higher.

August 23

  • Middleware / Infrastructure / Started implementation for HA Cluster.

  • Cloud Server / Panel:

    • Opened Foroogh region for all users in the panel.
    • Released Limits and reports page with new design.
    • Released a new design and functionality for server resize and rebuilding the new regions.
  • CDN / API

    • Support for CNAME records on the root of registered subdomains.
    • Added page rule upstream timeout policy.
    • Added the ability to purge cache by tag (Pro and Enterprise Plans).
    • Added another set of free features to plan definition API.
    • Added Assign NS records to users based on their country.
    • Added Iran traffic usage Report to Alak service.
    • Improved usage report for job performance on foreign traffic reports.
    • Integrity-check and domain re-initialization on route access are now available.

August 17

  • Middleware / Financial Services / Research and Development of Plan Management Service.

August 16

  • CDN / CDN panel
    • Plan level of each domain in the list of parts added.
    • Support for a new line in CDN APP description added.

August 14

  • Object Storage / Panel / Added ability to reporting:
    • Traffic analysis
    • Geographical analysis

August 13

  • Middleware / Financial Services / Performance improvements in financial services.

August 12

  • Object Storage / Panel / Easy to copy object URL with one click, on Object list in ArvanCloud Object Storage panel.

August 9 

  • Container Service / Panel / Free tier is live. Users can create a free container with limited features and resources on container service.
  • Video Platform / Infrastructure / 4 encoder nodes added to the video cluster.

August 8

  • Cloud Server / Panel / Added a choosing disk type and size step to create server steps.

August 7

  • Middleware / Panel / Released UI Kit Version 1 and implemented 80% of its components.

  • CDN / API

    • Default plan for users added. Now new domains for each user will have the default plan of the user.
    • Changed method for custom host header policies to Growth.
    • Limitation of free page rules for enterprise plan removed.

August 1

  • Object Storage / Panel / Static website released for all customers. Users can use ArvanCloud object storage to host a static website.


July 25

  • Cloud Server / API / Changed create server type to volume backed type in new regions.
  • Cloud Server / Panel / New Datacenter designs in the panel.

July 22

  • CDN / CDN panel
    • New UI for Plans page Added.
    • Support of English language for WAF feature added.

July 15

  • Object Storage / Infrastructure / Limitation in the number of objects for a bucket Removed. The predefined limitation is 3700000 objects per bucket but, users can send a ticket to the support team to remove it.

July 11

  • Cloud Server / Panel
    • Added Graphical plans to create server plans.
    • Added group actions for most used actions in the panel.
    • Added Local Storage plans to make server plans.

July 10

  • Middleware / Financial Services / Research and Development of Plan Discount Management Service .

  • CDN / CDN panel

    • New acceleration page new and create new page-rule UI deployed.
    • Users now can set/change-related actions (Enable/Disable) of WAF exception rules.

July 5

  • CDN / API / Perform runtime schema test when populating DNS Service for CS modules added.

July 4 

  • Middleware / Financial Services / Financial services completely migrated to receipts and payments services.

  • Container Service / Panel / Panel now supports full¬†WebSocket¬†for a better experience.¬†

July 1

  • Object Storage / SDK / Users can use guidelines for using PHP SDK in their application.


June 30

  • CDN / API

    • Origin Cache-Control in for Page Rules (limited to Enterprise domains).
    • API support for new acceleration module for the site and page rules (backward compatible).
    • CDN Apps: the vendor is now a translatable field.
    • Fixed an issue where missing port attribute in cluster data would prevent updates to proxy config fixed.
  • CDN / CDN panel

    • Origin Cache-Control setting in page rules (Enterprise domains only).
    • WAF Dynamic parameters added.
    • Search WAF rule by id added.
    • Increased browser cache duration to up to 1 year (in cache setting page and rule browser cache option).
    • Duplicate NS error message issue fixed.

June 27

  • Cloud Server / Panel / Released server details new design in the panel.
  • Cloud Server / Panel / Released firewall page new design in the panel.

June 22

  • Middleware / Financial Services / Developed online and offline payment services.

  • CDN / CDN panel / Added Purge by Page Rule (Pro and Enterprise domains only).

June 17

  • Object Storage / Panel / Tag Management feature is available to categorize objects.

June 16 

  • Container Service / Panel / Added Laravel, Django, Flask,¬†Express JS, Node + Php to Source to Image.
  • Video Platform/Infrastructure/ Live-ingress deployment removed.

June 12

  • CDN / WAF / JSON Schema is provided.

June 13

  • Cloud Server / Panel / Change create server last page Design:
    • Change creates multiple server designs.
    • Change design and functionality for no balance error.
    • Change error in creating server design.

June 10

  • CDN / Cache Module / Updating image-resize module to v0.3 Adding maximum cache size in domain‚Äôs configuration, preventing non-cacheable responses from being buffered.

June 5

  • CDN / Cache Module / Removed Proxy-Connection header and all other connection-specifications.

June 3 

  • Container Service / Panel/ Users can view the Build process to image progress in the web panel.¬†
  • Video Platform/ Infrastructure / live-Nginx-edge added to serve live requests.
  • Object Storage / SDK / Users can generate temporary sign URLs to provide public access to their customers.


May 26

  • CDN / Cache Module / Added Cache-Tag header to all resized versions of an image to have the total purge option.

May 22

  • Middleware / Panel / Developed and redesigned wallet sections, Invoices, gift code, and financial sections in the user and admin panel.

  • CDN / DNS Service / Reduced memory usage by removing zone from cached locations.

May 20

  • Object Storage /SDK / Users can use guidelines for using PHP SDK in their application.

May 19

  • Container Service / Panel / Added Nodejs, PHP, Python and, Golang to Source¬†to¬†Image (GitURL).¬†

May 17

  • Middleware / Financial Services / Implemented the latest tests related to the Migration of financial sectors to new services.

May 15

  • CDN / Cache Module / Upgrade: header will be removed where a custom header exists. JSON Schema was was cleaned.

May 13

  • CDN / Firewall Module / Added an optional verify-sni field to force SNI and Host header verification.

May 10

  • CDN / Cache Module
    • Removed Alt-Svc header from requests and responses.
    • Removed Upgrade header in responses.
    • Separated error pages for 500, 502, 503 and, 504 statuses.
    • Provided a minimal version for error pages to serve whenever a request comes from an on-browser client.
    • Fix: Passing request's schema and port to the image resize server.
    • Removed unused codes.

May 8 

  • Container Service / Panel / Source to Image (GitURL)¬†released. It Builds and Runs your source codes on container service by detecting programming language powered by¬†Build Pack.¬†
  • Video Platform / Infrastructure / catchup-json-builder deployment added.

May 7

  • CDN / WAF
    • Allowed filters on REQUEST_HEADERS and REQUEST_COOKIES.
    • Fixed chain rules to be run together.
    • Fixed behavior of ValidateByteRange operator.
    • Fixed pass the action to apply every variable (even if there is a match).
    • Added log for every rule which drops the request.
    • Fixed parsing of chain rules when in different phases.
    • Added severity to parser metadata.

May 6

  • CDN / Cache Module
    • HTTPS server and SSL handshake were removed.
    • Unused variables in Lua and misc files (.doc, sh, cert,) removed.

May 5

  • Video Platform / Infrastructure / catchup-Nginx added.

May 1

  • CDN / Cache Module
    • Firewall, DDoS protection, Rate Limit and, WAF have been removed.
    • Temporary redirect page (status307) goes to the empty body.


April 29

  • Object Storage / Panel
    • Users can use guidelines for using Python SDK in their applications.
    • Predefined Object Storage plans are available for enterprise and high-end users.

April 26 

  • Middleware / Account / The added stripe payment gateway for Euro payments.

  • Container Service / Panel/ Users can set Horizontal¬†Auto Scaler to Stateless containers based on the CPU usage.¬†

April 24

  • CDN / Rate Limit Module / JSON Schema is provided.

April 23

  • CDN / Cache Module
    • Image Resize
      • The protocol of the first server in the selected collection will be used whenever needed. So, all servers within a pool must have the same protocol.
      • Escaping unsafe bytes before calling (ngxredirect).

April 19

  • Video Platform / Live Streaming / added live watermark (just for enterprise customers).

April 18

  • Middleware / Account / Operational implementation of Nowrooz.

  • CDN / DDoS Mitigation Module / Setting the Same Site=None; Secure cookie flags (only in case of confirmation. HTTPs only=true)

  • CDN / Cache Module

    • Issue #71 was fixed: mismatching index while the port was minus one in the configuration.
    • All origins with zero weight will be ignored at the very first stage.
    • Supporting inheritance for all fields in the config of acceleration.

April 12 

  • Container Service / Panel / Added """Download Container logs""" in web panel.¬†

April 4 

  • Container Service / Panel / Users can now create a Container from their private container registry.¬†


March 24

  • CDN / Firewall Module / JSON Schema is provided.

March 17 

  • Container Service / Panel / Users can now resize¬†disks (PVCs) attached to a Container in the web panel.¬†

March 16 

  • Middleware / Financial Services / February 2, Development of data migration scripts from previous services to new.

  • Container Service / Panel /Edited Environment Variables of¬†an¬†Application in the web panel.¬†

March 9 

  • Container Service / Panel / Changed and edited¬†Docker Image Tag¬†of running Container.

March 8

  • Cloud Server / Panel
    • Added a new section for Iranian market places in create server steps.
    • Added Nowrooz 1400 flavors.
    • Added G2 plans to Asiatech make server plans.
    • Added APIs for enabling and disabling server ports.

March 6

  • CDN / Cache Module / Setting the Connection header based on what is provided in the keep-alive field in the configuration.

March 3

  • CDN / WAF / Changed config format to accept some parameters inside packages array instead of global (See client config below). The deprecated form can also be used.

March 2

  • CDN / Custom Error Page Module / First stable version released.

March 1 

  • Middleware / Account / developed intermediate to connect previous and new services to issue 2021 invoices.

  • Container Service / Panel / Users can manage Dedicated IPs for pods for custom ports or assign multiple ports to a single IP.¬†


February 27 

  • Container Service / Panel / Resource Management Added to the web panel.¬†

February 14 

  • Container Service / Panel / Editing¬†Route (Free container service subdomain) added to the panel.¬†

February 13

  • CDN / Custom Error Page Module / Drop requests with too many subdomains instead of ignoring them Refactor config cache to unified Cache Map project fixed.

February 08 

  • Container Service / Panel / Users can now map multiple custom ports to container's listening to a port.¬†
  • CDN / Cache Module / Removing connection: close header and utilizing Keep-alive Issue#65 was fixed.

February 06

  • Cloud Server / Panel
    • Change creates a snapshot design.
    • Categorize plans in the select plan step of creating server steps.
    • Add memory-optimized plans to create server plans.


January 28

  • Middleware / Panel / Finished redesign of the new admin panel.
    • CDN / WAF / Bugfix: Avoided busy polling when idle (decreased CPU usage).

January 26 

  • Container Service / Panel / Network management added to the web panel.¬†

January 22

  • CDN / Custom Error Page Module / Added variables to error pages (SID, IP, DOMAIN, ERRCODE, TIME).

January 14

  • CDN / Cache Module
    • Removed EVAL command.
    • Caching configurations in a hierarchical way (point to parent cache). The maximum number of recursive probes should be provided in Lua constants.
    • NOT FOUND state for a structure also will be cached.

January 12

  • Middleware / Financial Services / Separation of wallet services, invoice, free-range gift codes from the former accounts service.

  • CDN / SSL/TLS Manager

    • Cert and the key could be provided within the domain's JSON configuration.
    • min_ proto_ version has become optional.

January 11 

  • Container Service / Panel / Official¬†Docker Hub¬†added to "Container Image wizard", users can create a container based on the official images on¬†Docker Hub.¬†

January 8

  • CDN / DDoS Mitigation Module / Bugfix: Fixed behavior of module on non-utf 8 strings.

January 2 

  • Container Service / Panel / It's¬†possible to scale out¬†your¬†application in the web panel manually.¬†

  • Video Platform / Infrastructure / Sheltie updated to create live-record.

  • CDN / Firewall Module/ Fixed behavior of module on non-utf 8 strings.



December 26 

  • Container Service / Panel / Users can create an application by Kubernetes manifests directly in the web panel.¬†

December 24

  • Middleware / Account / Operational implementation of Yalda night campaign.

  • CDN / Security Module / Removed OpenSSL a sync mode patch and custom OpenSSL engine (Open Sesame).

December 23

  • CDN / WAF
    • Used local variables inside context instead of global variables enable to reload of configs.
    • Used timeout for a logger to release logger connection.
  • CDN / SSL/TLS Manager
    • Supported Minimum TLS Version (will be provided in clients config).
    • JSON Schema is provided.

December 19 

  • Container Service / Panel / Events added to the web panel. Users can read and monitor events that took place in their projects.¬†

December 12

  • CDN / Cache Module
    • New Load Balancer, which supports server pool and GEO affinity, was added. The changes are backward compatible. For using the new LB, it must be specified in the root of the main config (via"version:"2") that we have a KEY in DNS Service that contains upstream configuration for this entity and, we want to use that (and only that) configuration.
    • Within a page _ rule, we can now refer to the name of LB we want to use for that page rule.
    • A JSON Schema was provided for upstream configuration.
    • Upstream configuration must be provided with a separated key in the same DNS Service. The pattern of that key must be like this: HOSTNAME upstream.

December 7 

  • Container Service / Panel / Users can read their container Logs in the web panel.¬†


November 28

  • Cloud Server / Panel:
    • Released volumes page new design.
    • Released Personal Images page new design.
    • Released rebuild & resize page new design.
    • Added tag management to servers.

November 23

  • Middleware / Identity & Access Management / Initiated research and Development of a new authentication service .

  • CDN / Cache Module / The default status for enabling/disabling acceleration for the whole domain was provided The filling acceleration field in a page-rule has become optional.

November 20 

  • Container Service / Panel / Container Console allows users to connect to the containers command line in the web panel.¬†

November 17

  • Middleware / Financial Services / Research and Development of wallet and invoices services.

  • CDN / Custom Error Page Module / Supported 413 responses from the WAF module.

November 12

  • Middleware /Account / Added financial information registration section includes actual and legal customers.

November 3 

  • Container Service / Panel / Public Dedicated IP for¬†Pods (Containers). Users can assign a Public IP address to a Pod. Users can directly connect to the pod¬†through the inter.NET¬†
  • Video Platform / Infrastructure / Sheltie updated to support multi-Audio.


October 27

  • Cloud Server / Panel
    • Released a wizard with a new design for creating server steps.
    • Released server list page new design.
  • Cloud Server / API / Added import image from URL API.

October 26

  • Middleware / Financial Services /Operation of the new computing service and data transfer from the previous system to the new.

  • CDN / Cache Module Bugfix: Setting proxy-max-temp-file-size to 0 to avoid buffering when content is not cacheable, despite the reason.

October 24

  • CDN / Rate Limit Module / Fixed behavior of module on non-utf 8 strings.

October 23

  • CDN / DNS Service / ends version compliance Fixed.

October 20 

  • Middleware / Panel / Moved to redesign the new admin panel and move the middleware team pages to the new panel.
  • Container Service / Panel / Container¬†Metrics (CPU, RAM, Network) added to web panel to monitor your application resource usage.¬†

October 17

  • CDN / DDoS Mitigation Module
    • Used local variables inside context instead of global variables to enable the reload of configs.
    • Used timeout for the logger to release the logger connection.
    • Used timeout for reCAPTCHA service.

October 12 

  • Container Service / Panel / Container Image wizard added to the panel. Users can create an application from images uploaded to¬†Docker Hub¬†in the web panel.¬†


September 30

  • Cloud Server / Panel
    • Released SSH Key page new design.
    • Added force delete option for servers.

September 24 

  • CDN / Custom Error Page Module / Refactor response into the unified response-Rs project.

  • CDN / Firewall Module

    • Used local variables inside context instead of global variables to enable reload of configs.
    • Used timeout for the logger to release the logger connection.
  • Container Service / Panel/ Users can get details¬†about "Secrets‚ÄĚ, Builds, Resources in the web panel.¬†

  • Middleware / Financial Services / Developed and operated the users' log action collection service.

September 19

  • CDN / Cache Module / Bugfix: Change upstream, selecting an algorithm to use a sorted array instead of randomly chosen.

September 16

  • Video Platform / Live Streaming / added live secure Link (just for enterprise customers).

September 7 

  • Container Service / Panel/ Users can review their¬†application¬†configuration via web panel.¬†
  • Video Platform/ Infrastructure / Sheltie updated to add presto for live-convert-with-archive.

September 06

  • Cloud Server / Panel
    • Added rescue feature for servers.
    • Added new, improved plans to panel.

September 4

  • Video Platform / Infrastructure / Live-Archiver deployment added to live namespace.


August 28 

  • Container Service / Panel / First release of web panel.¬†

August 27

  • CDN / DDoS Mitigation Module
    • Removed local DNS Service and used time-based cookie generation (based on salt) instead.
    • Send log to sentry when a module fails to start.
    • Added log (to fluent-bit) when a challenge is shown.
    • Drop connection instead of passing when too many recursion errors are encountered.
    • Some speed optimizations (avoid clone of some strings and use Nginx pool for some variables)
  • Middleware / Infrastruture/ Operation of the new Kubernetes cluster.

August 13 

  • Container Service / Panel / Introduced Catalogs. Pre-configured applications like¬†Databases,¬†CMS,¬†Weblog systems to use within your project with ease.¬†

August 8

  • Video Platform/Infrastructure / Sheltie updated to create live services and ingresses when a new live stream starts.

August 1

  • Cloud Server / API Documents / Improve and add more details to all API documents.
  • Cloud Server / Panel / Add more information to server plans in the panel.


  • CDN / Rate Limit Module / Allowed all Client Config values (rate, time-duration, burst) specified for each rule.

July 25 

  • Container Service / Panel / Users can now create multiple isolated projects(namespace) with the same user in the panel.¬†

July 23

  • Middleware / Financial Services / Initiated the trial of rewriting and service redesign of the new consumption calculations.

  • CDN / Cache Module

    • Bugfix: Handle optimize-cache for resources with zipping and deflate retrieved from upstream.
    • Bugfix: Fixed interaction of optimizing ‚Äď cache with slicing (disables linking when optimize-cache is active).
    • Bugfix: Fixed situations where the original file would not be deleted (appropriately closed).
    • Change eTag to weak (i.e., eprepend‚ÄĚW/"if not already present) when optimize-cache is active.

July 19

  • CDN / WAF / Fixed high CPU usage when DNS Service is disconnected.

July 4

  • Middleware / Financial Services / Redesigned the calculator.

  • CDN / Security Module/ Fixed a potential default error.

July 2

  • CDN / Custom Error Page Module / Send log to sentry when a module fails to start Some speed optimizations (avoid clone of some strings and use Nginx pool for some variables).


June 17

  • CDN / Cache Module
    • Removed page speed and used optimize-cache instead: Variables inside acceleration (enable, disable, analytics) are not used anymore

June 15

  • Middleware / Account / Added user panel notifications.

June 13

  • CDN / Firewall Module / Refactored response into a unified response-Rs project.

June 12

  • CDN / Open Sesame / Bugfix: Properly free memory allocated for each key.

June 10

  • CDN / SSL/TLS Manager / Updated Cache Map.


May 28

  • Middleware / Financial Services / Developed the accumulator and Darsad services.

May 25

  • CDN / Cache Module / The behavior of HEAD requests to respect caching (instead of bypass).

May 18

  • CDN / DDoS Mitigation Module / Bugfix: Avoid re-reading non-existent configs from DSN service.

  • CDN / WAF / Avoid sending log if the fluent-bit queue is full (instead of blocking).

May 17 

  • Container Service / Panel / Released¬†Container Service¬†CLI,¬†Users¬†can interact with¬†ArvanCloud¬†Container Service, a¬†multi-tenant¬†Kubernetes,¬†through the command line.¬†

May 13

  • CDN / Cache Module / Fixed invalid value generated when redirecting in default page-rule

May 3

  • Cloud Server / API / Added more detailed validation errors to APIs.


April 28

  • CDN / Cache Module
    • Variable support added for redirect in page rule. If there are parenthesis in page-rule, redirectcanget%1, %2, for each parenthesis
    • Any other instances of % should be code like %%
    • ANAME proxy support added (works precisely same is CNAME)

April 23

  • Middleware / Financial Services / Developed the metric management and product tariff management services (Alak and Chortke).

  • CDN / Custom Error Page Module / Use local variables inside context instead of global variables to reload configs.

  • CDN / SSL/TLS Manager / Refactor part of config cache to unified Cache Map project.

April 20

  • CDN / WAF
    • Changed log to send only one aggregated log for matched requests (according to a threshold and other parameters) [Log format changed].

April 16

  • CDN / Cache Module / Fixed invalid time for cache time when acceleration is enabled.

April 12

  • CDN / Cache Module
    • Cache-Bypass mechanism added.
    • Cache mechanism changed based on file size. The cache is disabled for 0-byte files and files more excellent than 100000000 bytes.
    • Acceleration Module changed due ability to allow only specific extensions for acceleration (so the restriction of page-rule extension can be relaxed) and attachments added to acceleration config.

April 5

  • Cloud Server / Panel
    • Added enable/disable port security in network page.
    • Added DHCP IP and gateway IP to network assign page.


March 29

  • CDN / Cache Module
    • CNAME Proxy support added and API Changed for cluster and DNS for CNAME record types.

March 26

  • CDN / Cache Module / Read access log from salt.

March 25

  • CDN / Security Module / Bugfix: Changed how the header is set to avoid occasional default Set keep alive to 0 for 412 responses (without changing content)

March 24

  • CDN / Open Sesame / First stable release.

March 23

  • CDN / Firewall Module / First stable version released.

March 17

  • CDN / DDoS Mitigation Module / First stable release.

March 14

  • CDN / WAF / First stable release.

March 13

  • CDN / Security Module / First stable of Zombie released.

  • CDN / Active Health Check

    • Provided timeout for an HTTP survey has been changed to optional. The default value is given within the Schema time out, and the interval should be shared with an appropriate unit.
    • Fixed [code + schema]: For HTTP survey, one could provide an IP address and Host header, or give a host and rely on the DNS resolving for the IP address.

March 3

  • CDN / Cache Module / Added host to cluster and DNS section for "record_ type: ‚ÄúNAME"(Does not affect when custom_ host_ header is set in page- rule).